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Jimmy Dickey, COO

We recently moved into new commercial office space for the first time in 20 years.  Needless to say it was a major undertaking.  Working alongside B&B Specialty Contractors truly made our experience worry free.  Projected scheduling and budgeting was accurate and jobs were completed on time.  Everyone who represented B&B on the job acted in a professional manner and took care of our every need.  The worksite was clean and when we would drop in for an unannounced tour, everything was clean and we felt safe on the work site.  We cannot recommend B&B enough for their professionalism and work standards.

Ashley Pollock

The project followed the supplied timeline and was within budget. Changes were made (per our request) to the original plans mid-project, which meant that ultimately, we ended up over budget, but Hays and his [B&B specialty Contractors] team handled all changes as professionals. Every time I visited, even surprise visits, the job site was clean and safe.

The input and recommendations offered was invaluable in the overall success of the project! Not only were cost savings suggested, but schedules were adjusted to accommodate our staff, which required the timeline to move up two (2) weeks!

Will Barden SIOR, CCIM

I have advised on many office leasing transactions in Memphis for almost two decades.  Some of the best results that I have achieved have been with the help of Ray Scheffer and the team at B & B Specialty Contractors.  They have always been helpful in providing preliminary pricing in conceptual stages leading to more definitive costs estimates based on final plans and drawings.  Their workmanship has always been excellent and if there were ever a problem they were quick to help solve.

I highly recommend them to anyone considering an interior commercial office construction project.

Graham Reese

As a Design Professional in the Memphis market I believe your designs are only as good as the people that build them.

Over the past 15 years B&B Specialty Contractors has brought my designs to completion. Their approach to understand the design and building to our specs is very methodical with great understanding of details and quality execution.

While working and developing a Project with B&B I know I will receive the design concept and desired results of a well managed and well executed project.

Bob Wood

We have worked with Ray Scheffer and B&B Specialty Contractors for many years building out Tenant office space at Clark Centre. Their care and concern for delivering high quality construction on time and clean, ready for our Tenants to move-in, is part of the quality package we market.

We can depend on their delivering the space on time even with our designated sub-contractors for certain elements of the jobs. The elements of the work that B&B completes with employees are significant parts of the total job; their guys are good at what they do. Our typical job is handled “cost plus”; the budget estimates are accurate and dependable which is very important to the overall economics of an office space Leasing deal.

The job clean-up and delivery is the best we have ever experienced; when working on expansion of an existing Tenant space we know they will take necessary and effective precautions to keep the Tenant’s other areas clean and functional during the construction work period.

We have a mutual understanding of each other’s objectives and standards and we have had a very successful relationship which has provided for each of us to prosper and grow.”