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Posted by on 05.16.2016

Raymond James

Being in the construction industry, my eyes are constantly drawn to commercial real estate signs around the city. Anything construction related really screams for my attention.  So it would only be natural for me to perk up when one of my “Sunday Night Shows” featured how a contractor came in and started demolition on the 17th floor of a 29 story office building.  The problem was that the demo was actually scheduled to begin on the 19th floor. Can you imagine being in your conference room, in a meeting, when out of nowhere the walls start coming down? That miscommunication probably led to one crazy change order!!Photo May 06, 1 14 14 PM

In reality, B&B has been working with The Crump Firm to finish renovations inside the Raymond James Building at 50 North Front Street.  Late last year we finished floors 14 and 15, and we will have floor 7 completed this month.  To accommodate the tenant’s schedule, our crews have been working after hours to complete these projects.  When you choose B&B Specialty Logo - MasterVectorContractors, you are choosing the Added Value  that we provide by:

B&B would also like to congratulate all of the award recipients at the Annual AIA Gala. Andy and I were happy to be a part of the gala this year.  The 2016 Regional Strategy Summit was a very collaborative conference featuring economic development, transportation, and education.  I really ePhoto May 04, 9 14 29 AMnjoyed the presentation by Richard Smith, Vice-President of Global Trade Services for FedEx Express. It was a pleasure celebrating all of the great development happening in Memphis at the New Memphis Celebrate What’s Right luncheon series.  With all of the commercial real estate development and Rick Shadyac’s introduction of the Three Billion Dollar expansion plan for St Jude, it is clear that Memphis has amazing growth planneSt Jude Picd for the future.