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Posted by on 06.08.2017

Cheers To Collierville!

This past year, Collierville has experienced new construction and renovation in commercial, industrial, retail, and institutional categories. Our sister company, General Construction Services, was able to be a part of the unique restoration process for the historic locomotive that resides on the Collierville Town Square.  

GCS successfully removed the lead paint and completed on schedule.  The Commercial Appeal featured this project and GCS in a recent article with a further detailed description.

General Construction Services also worked on the Historic Collierville High School that is now the Schools Administration Campus.  Both lead paint and asbestos were abated from these facilities.  In a town with so much history, it is amazing how we can save the character of these older buildings and maintain the integrity of the original purpose behind them.  

Beyond abatement and renovation, there is also plenty of new construction in Collierville.  The Orgill World Headquarters, the New Collierville High School, and the growth at Schilling Farms just to name a few.  Speaking of Boyle’s Schilling Farms Development, we are thrilled that Mueller Industries will have a home there soon!  Let’s hear it for Collierville for all of their outstanding economic development!

What is it about your city that you treasure?  Is it that church that your grandmother used to take you to that is now a run down building?  Is it your town square that needs to be revitalized to support small business growth? Is it just too time consuming to figure out where to begin? That is what we’re here for! B&B Specialty Contractors and GCS can provide your services from abatement to renovation.  It only takes one call to make us your local one-stop-shop.